Jason Knott is normally a modest kind of guy, unless he’s talking like this, about himself in the third party.  Usually when he does that, he’s bleating on about how great he is.  He’ll probably reel off a long list of blue chip clients that he’s collaborated with to produce award-winning advertising campaigns.  Maybe he’ll spare you the whole list and mention Shell, Subaru, Allianz, Coca-Cola, Bayern, Canon, Chrysler, Costa, Land Rover,
Microsoft, Omnitrope, P & O Cruises, Grants, Thomas Cook, YBS, Vodafone, Zostavax, Nestle, Go Compare, E-on, VW, Orange, Pizza Hut, Dubai Tourism...
he could go on (and on).    
He’s known as a great collaborator on shoot, happy to push the brief further without scaring the bejeesus out of the client and the account man. He has the power to create his own sunshine and walks on water at the weekend. Other categories of miracles he saves for his clients. Approachable and friendly, of course he shoots motion too.

What, you might ask, would the polymath and creative powerhouse that is Jason Knott, be doing if he wasn’t pleasing creatives around the globe. Well, legend has it that his former career was rock drummer, but I’m… sorry, “he” didn’t tell you that.

A fast approaching storm whilst shooting in Majorca

Over the years of shooting, we have faced every kind of challenge thrown at us, regardless of the situation we can adapt making sure we achieve the results required whatever the location, country, conditions or time constraints.

Shooting with the Olympic team in Beijing

No matter where we shoot we will deliver in a smooth relaxed professional way. Language barriers, cultural understanding and working in harmony with different demographics all on set together makes for an interesting shoot.

Directing a 50+ team in the desert

We are a big believer in professional production values, hand picked crews of any size from a 3 piece to scores of hands on experts deliver what’s needed and when. Closely working with producers and production companies the world over we deliver a smooth well planned operation, no matter how far and wide the shoot takes us.

Transforming a snow covered ski slope in Norway

Not being afraid to get our hands dirty or anything else for that matter. We welcome the challenge of extreme conditions too. Whether it’s a room set, a street, or in this case shutting down and transforming a beautifully smooth snow-covered ski slope into a muddy mountain road, whatever it takes we’ll find away.